Public Access Defibrillators Coming to Homewood

HOMEWOOD, Ala —The city of Homewood announced an agreement Wednesday that brings public access defibrillators to the community.

They will be placed in frequented spots around the city, including parks and libraries.

Homewood, along with Birmingham based company Cardiac Solutions, will install over 30 defibrillators as part of the initiative.

The agreement states that Cardiac Solutions will maintain and service the devices for a ten-year period.

The system will also incorporate a free smartphone app called Pulse Point AED.

It will allow users to pinpoint the location of an automatic external defibrillator during an emergency.

“I think it is incumbent upon the city to provide a safe atmosphere as we possibly can,” says Homewood mayor Scott McBrayer.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, survival chances increase significantly when bystanders perform CPR and defibrillation before first responders arrive on scene.

Jon Seale with Cardiac Solutions stresses the importance of always calling 911 first before using the AED in an emergency, but says the AED devices are easy to use and come equipped with audible step-by-step directions that are easy for anyone to understand.

AED placement in Springville

The Parks and Recreation Department of Springville, Alabama, was the recipient of two automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and two medical-grade first aids kits from the National Center for Sports Safety’s ( AED Placement Program.  All of the units were fully funded in a grant written by the National Center for Sports Safety, a nonprofit, to the Altec/Styslinger Foundation Inc.

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